Hello, My name is Jess! I am a local girl from the great Mid-West, Toledo, Ohio, and I love my city! I am a scientist by day and a naturally nutritious, hearty, healthy, and decadent food lover by night (all day, actually). I come by it honestly; food is in my genetic make-up. My family is Lebanese, so food is a large part of my everyday life. I started drinking coffee before I was 10, ate cow tongue before I was 5, and a diverse love for dynamic foods was ingrained before birth. After I got married to the pickiest eater I have ever met, I was determined to open my husbands eyes, and stomach, to more than just scrambled eggs, chicken, and ramen noodles. I began cutting out foods that came from a box, or were pre-prepared. I learned how to replicate things we liked either by recipe or by taste, slowly introducing new foods to my husband along the way. Then, came cutting the chemicals. I am a pharmacologist/toxicologist, and intentionally ingesting ingredients that man created and cannot be found in nature became less and less appealing. Now, I work in a cancer care center and this value gained even more meaning. Simplicity and balance are my core values when it comes to food. I shop locally grown, mostly organic or all natural, and seasonal. The latter of those is quite the challenge in Ohio. I am not a vegan, vegetarian, or meat-and-potatoes kinda gal. I love wholesome foods, participating in the cooking of other bloggers and cooks, traditional and ethnic cooking, and explore what inspires me in the kitchen. I know how busy our lives are, and how challenging it can be to find the time to be a wholesome cook, so I focus a lot on taking simple, fresh, and easy to combine ingredients into a healthy lifestyle full of diversity and flavor.


As mentioned earlier, I love Toledo! You will easily find a lot of people that will argue that we live in an algae-suffocated, dying city but I have to disagree. Toledo is a Midwestern city with a passion for good food and drink. We have thriving local restaurants with so much variety. I love to travel, experiencing the taste of the town I am in, but I am never disappointed by the local Toledo talent and diversity. There is so much to explore in my own corner of the world, let alone the entire globe!


I want to share my love for homemade, quality, nutritious food, and the local flavors of Toledo.


I am Simply Jess.