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The Toledo Farmers Market has to be the best place to shop locally. Farmers and merchants from all around the greater Toledo area arrive to set up very early Saturday mornings with their freshly picked produce, fresh bread, and delicious treats, ready for the 8 a.m. early market goers. Many of the farmers have done this week after week, meeting and greeting market shoppers, answering questions with pride over their harvest. Kinda sounds like a movie or documentary, right? I can’t say that I have been to a lot of outdoor farm markets around the globe, but I do think we have a very good one here in Toledo. There are dozens of vendors ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables, to bread and pastries; flowers to candles. You can do the large majority of your grocery shopping right downtown in the warehouse district!


Shared Legacy Farms | Organic Farming


Seriously, need food for breakfast? Try bread from All Crumbs Bakery, or Country Grains, fresh made jam, honey, or apple butter, season peak fruit and berries, local eggs, herbs, and coffee from The Flying Rhino, or Bee’s Blend Specialty coffee. Yes coffee!!


Local Eggs, Local Poultry
Local Eggs, Local Poultry



Lunch or dinner? That’s easy and endless! Cheese from Canal Junction and Turkeryfoot Creamery, vegetables, salad dressing from Grumpy’s, savory focaccia bread, sloppy joes, Bob’s Best Salsa, tortilla chips, great homemade noodles, and kettle corn. You can buy poultry (and I’m not talking the kind with feathers, I mean pre-cut, and cleaned of course!), and all different cuts of pork, plus rabbit, duck, or turkey in the poultry house.



Toledo Farmers Market | Berries | Simply Jess


Have a sweet tooth? I know I do. You can pick up full pies, mini pies, hand pies, cookies, donuts (have you tried Holey Toledough Donuts?!), brownies, cupcakes, high quality chocolates and macaroons from Flying Rhino, and my favorite: croissants and danish from All Crumbs. Hungry yet?


All Crumbs Bakery | Toledo Farmers Market | SimplyJess
All Crumbs Bakery


Should you get hungry while you are there, many of the foods are ready to eat, and food trucks line Market Street. Grumpy’s On-The-Go is always present with salads, cookies, and other foods. There’s a barbecue truck that sends a delicious smokey sent through the whole area.



Grumpy's On The Go
Grumpy’s On The Go


You can even sign up for their FarmFan Loyalty program on their website, technology is not lost on this venue. No cash? No Problem! Use your card to buy tokens that can be spent just as cash. I do it all the time! Some vendors even have Square®, so they too can accept your card. Its great for that time I desperately wanted some Rachael’s Homemade Ice Cream and thank goodness she accepts cards, because that ice cream is more than worth it!


Use tokens in place of cash
Use tokens in place of cash


The market is such a clean, friendly location for everyone. Shop by yourself, interact with other shoppers and vendors, run into people you know (because, let’s face it, you will), take the family, bring the kids, bring the dog, take a friend and make a morning of it. Brighten your day with fresh flowers. If getting up on Saturday morning to go shopping not possible, there is Westgate Wednesdays and various other satellites throughout the week. Just give it a try. The market is open all year round to discover new seasonal foods, and I love knowing that we are investing right back into our community.


Gardenview Flowers
Gardenview Flowers


Every Saturday
Every Saturday


Share your thoughts, comment below: Do you have a favorite vendor or farm? What is the best item you have ever tried at the market? Is there a market in another city that you find extra special?


Buy Local.

Be Local.



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Hello, My name is Jess! I am a local girl from the great Mid-West, Toledo, Ohio, and I love my city! I am a scientist by day and a naturally nutritious, hearty, healthy, and decadent food lover by night (all day, actually). I come by it honestly; food is in my genetic make-up. My family is Lebanese, so food is a large part of my everyday life. I started drinking coffee before I was 10, ate cow tongue before I was 5, and a diverse love for dynamic foods was ingrained before birth. After I got married to the pickiest eater I have ever met, I was determined to open my husbands eyes, and stomach, to more than just scrambled eggs, chicken, and ramen noodles. I began cutting out foods that came from a box, or were pre-prepared. I learned how to replicate things we liked either by recipe or by taste, slowly introducing new foods to my husband along the way. Then, came cutting the chemicals. I am a pharmacologist/toxicologist, and intentionally ingesting ingredients that man created and cannot be found in nature became less and less appealing. Now, I work in a cancer care center and this value gained even more meaning. Simplicity and balance are my core values when it comes to food. I shop locally grown, mostly organic or all natural, and seasonal. The latter of those is quite the challenge in Ohio. I am not a vegan, vegetarian, or meat-and-potatoes kinda gal. I love wholesome foods, participating in the cooking of other bloggers and cooks, traditional and ethnic cooking, and explore what inspires me in the kitchen. I know how busy our lives are, and how challenging it can be to find the time to be a wholesome cook, so I focus a lot on taking simple, fresh, and easy to combine ingredients into a healthy lifestyle full of diversity and flavor.


As mentioned earlier, I love Toledo! You will easily find a lot of people that will argue that we live in an algae-suffocated, dying city but I have to disagree. Toledo is a Midwestern city with a passion for good food and drink. We have thriving local restaurants with so much variety. I love to travel, experiencing the taste of the town I am in, but I am never disappointed by the local Toledo talent and diversity. There is so much to explore in my own corner of the world, let alone the entire globe!


I want to share my love for homemade, quality, nutritious food, and the local flavors of Toledo.


I am Simply Jess.